Our Mission

To present new, unconventional and uncompromising plays and dynamic reinterpretations of the classics

To restore the ancient sense of the stage as a shared sacred space

To introduce theatre to children and help them find their own creative voices

To bring the freedom of self-expression to the incarcerated.

Our History

Over the past 35 years, The Actors’ Gang has produced over 200 plays in Los Angeles, in forty five US states, and on five continents. The company was founded in 1981 by a group of young artists looking to build a theatre that would present relevant and vibrantly entertaining plays. Guided by Founding Artistic Director, Tim Robbins, the company provides a supportive environment for a diverse ensemble of artists and the development of their groundbreaking work.

The Actors’ Gang has presented the work of innovative theater artists including Georges Bigot, Simon Abkarian, Charles Mee, David Schweizer, Bill Rauch and the Cornerstone Theatre Company, Tracy Young, Roger Guenver Smith, Eric Bogosian, Oskar Eustis, Danny Hoch, Beth Milles, Brian Kulick, Stefan Haves, Namaste Theater Company, Culture Clash, Jason Reed, Michael Schlitt, and Tenacious D.

The Actors’ Gang ensemble has included accomplished actors such as Jack Black, John Cusack, John C. Reilly, Helen Hunt, Kate Walsh, Fisher Stevens, Jeremy Piven, Ebbe Roe Smith, Jon Favreau, Brent Hinkley, Kate Mulligan, Lee Arenberg, Kyle Gass and Tim Robbins.

Guest artists that have appeared on The Actors’ Gang stage include: Jackson Browne, Sarah Silverman, Ben Gibbard, John Doe, Tom Morello, Jenny Lewis, Wayne Kramer, Paul Provenza, Zooey Deschanel, Serj Tankian, David Crosby, Pink, Felicity Huffman, Jill Sobule, William H. Macy, Phillip Baker Hall, Jeanne Tripplehorn, T.C. Boyle. and our late, beloved, Gore Vidal.

Recent touring productions include Harlequino: On to Freedom, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, George Orwell’s 1984, The Exonerated, Tartuffe, Embedded, The Trial of the Catonsville Nine and The Guys. Over the last thirty years these productions have toured the U.S. in forty five states and across the world from London to Milan, Bucharest, Athens, Madrid, Barcelona, Bogota, Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Melbourne and Buenos Aires.

With our productions, education and outreach programs and tours we strive to strengthen communities in a way that only the medium of theater can. We produce plays that contribute to the ongoing dialogue about our society and culture, while never forgetting that theaters primary purpose is to entertain.

Recent touring productions include George Orwells 1984, Tartuffe, Embedded, The Trial of the Catonsville Nine, The Guys and The Exonerated. Over the last twelve years these productions have toured the U.S. in forty states and across the world from London to Athens, Madrid, Barcelona, Bogot, Hong Kong, Melbourne and Buenos Aires.

The Gang

Tim Robbins

Artistic Director

Cihan Sahin

Production Manager

Gratiela Brancusi

Marketing Manager

Chris Bisbano

Facilities Manager

Colette Brooks, Chair

Rick Marcus, Treasurer

Billie C. Greer

Gina Belafonte

Carla Feldman

Bill Morgan

Tim Robbins

Malissa Feruzzi Shriver


Ned Bellamy

Cynthia Ettinger

Brian Finney

V.J. Foster

Steve Porter

Tim Robbins