Dario Fo, Jean Giraudoux, Samuel Beckett, Jean-Paul Sartre. Two plays written under Nazi occupation, another written to expose fascists still hanging around Italy in the 70s and originals from our crack team of talented actors.

Plays created in defiance of the greed of oil men and the corruption of police. Stories that expose the suppression and manipulation of truth, of resistance and rebellion and grace written with the courage of warriors. Heroes that risk their lives and their futures to fight for the humane, the enlightened spirit and the indelible grace of love. A Season of Hellzapoppin from The Actors’ Gang, in our 38th year, still fueled by our commitment to you, our wild-hearted, adventurous audience.

Tim Robbins
Artistic Director

January 24th – March 9th 

This world-renowned farce is produced in honor of one of our true inspirations and mentors, the late Nobel Prize winning Italian playwright, Dario Fo.

Summer Programs for Youth

Through our theater programs, we’re creating a laboratory for the future generation of theater-makers where they can gain skills to develop their own creative voices or deepen their craft, in a safe playing space. On this journey, while exploring The Actors’ Gang’s signature acting technique, “The Style”, the young artists will be encouraged to connect with their emotions, develop a high level of focus, and a strong connection to each other as an ensemble.

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The Actors’ Gang is a non-profit theatre company in Los Angeles. Our work and our very existence is made possible through donations from people like you. Any amount is helpful, and allows us to continue our work on stage, in public school, in prisons, and in the community.

Help us put a stop to the school-to-prison pipeline.
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Classes for Adults

Want to take a class at the Actors’ Gang and learn The Style? The Style is a unique form of acting developed at the Actors’ Gang over its many years of history.

Come and audit a class on one of our final presentations, you will see The Style in action and see if it is a technique and environment that is right for you.