Written by Tim Robbins
With excerpts from The Conquest of Paradise by Kirkpatrick Sale

Directed by Brian Brophy  

Music by David Robbins and Los Guerreros

Recorded in 1992 with LA Theatre Works for The Play’s The Thing and broadcast on KCRW 89.9

Mayhem: The Invasion is an unparalleled sonic experience written by Artistic Director Tim Robbins. Recorded live in partnership with LA Theatre Works, and broadcast on KCRW 89.9 in 1992,  Mayhem: The Invasion is a satirical journey through history via the radio game show, Conflagration! From behind-the-scenes at Conflagration, the show that “lives in the past to find a better future,” you’ll hear breaking news updates from obedient correspondents in Baghdad, hot-mic sniveling among contestants, and focused, persistent interruptions from the independent resistance at Taino Radio. Don’t touch that dial. This is laugh-out-loud entertainment!

Trevor Martins – Tim Robbins

Bill Frump – Don Luce

The Announcer – Keythe Farley

Mrs. McCarthy – Starr Andeeff

Ferdinand, Senator Droll– Lee Arenberg  

Phil Dejaneiro, Kid 4, The Allied Commander – Ned Bellamy

Taino Radio, Reporter – Brian Brophy

Corporal Mestizo, Michele de Cuneo, Taino Man – Vincent Foster

Fernando Columbus, Kid 2 – Arthur Hanket

Cristobal Colon – Brent Hinkley

Isabel, Kid 3, Becky Shatz – Shannon Holt

Brick Rock, Bartholomew Las Casas – Steve Porter

Juan Ginés de SepúlvedaMichael Rifkin

Stage Manager, Pope, Tomás Ortiz, Comendador Bobadilla – Dean Robbinson

Taino Woman, Kid 1 – Lauren Shpall

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Run time – approx. 1 hour, 20 min