The Actors’ Gang 2019/20 Season

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Winston Smith hates his job. He works in the Ministry of Information rewriting history to serve the interests of the powerful. Winston’s soul is stirring with rebellion and his heart alive with love. Welcome to a world of no privacy, where electronic screens create paranoia, divisiveness and hatred for the ‘other’, where the state manufactures consent for perpetual war, and where truth is manipulated and love itself is an act of rebellion.

Hungry and fed up by rising prices and stagnant wages, humble housewife Margherita leads a revolt of women at the local supermarket. Determined to live with dignity and rejecting an austerity diet of dog food and birdseed, the protest escalates and looting ensues. As police searches door to door, Margherita and her friend Antonia frantically try to hide their ‘liberated’ goods from their husbands and the police. ‘We Won’t Pay! We Won’t Pay!’ is a wildly funny satirical farce written by Nobel Laureate Dario Fo that questions why, in a world of bailed-out banks and overpriced prescription drugs, theft is only a crime when it is committed by those truly in need. 

1930s Berlin. Songs. Sex. Booze. Fascism. Sally Bowles is searching for love as the last days of a wild party rage on at the Kit Kat club. The world outside the club is crumbling. On the streets, fascist thugs beat up Jews, homosexuals, the ‘other’. At the cabaret, Sally and her fellow free spirits, decadents and comedians dance and sing and satirize in the face of the approaching fall of freedom. Come see The Actors’ Gang bring its distinct special rocket sauce to this musical theater classic!

Every year, we like to jump on at least one train headed towards some weird village we’ve never been to before. We have always believed that if this train ever stops running, our souls would be doomed. This year’s Workshop Production is that one trip when, for a negligible fare, everyone can hop on board and go on this journey, one that is as much of a mystery to us as it is to you. In other words, we’re asking you to buy a ticket to

  • a provocative experiment
  • a  new work that takes risks
  • a brand new piece of theater
  • a future main stage production

In the past, The New Colossus, Break the Whip, Embedded, A Midsummer Night’s Dream and countless other shows have started as workshop productions. This year’s production is currently being dreamed up by a team of travelers ready to push the boundaries and create a startling journey of theater for you. We know the route, we know how to drive the train  but the destination will be a surprise.