Orwell’s 1984

Adapted by by Michael Gene Sullivan

Directed by Tim Robbins

Who controls the past controls the future; he who controls the present controls the past

Sullivan’s imaginative adaptation of the novel leaps over Parts One and Two of the novel, picking up the story of Winston Smith after his arrest by Big Brother’s agents and some time after his isolation in the torture chamber. Winston’s growing rebellion against the regime and his furtive love affair with the mysterious Julia are seen only in trailer-length snippets re-enacted (play-acted) by the Party Members.

Runtime: 1 hour 45 minutes with an intermission

Performances: Sept. 8/9/10/15/16/17 & Oct. 7/8/14

Our Cast:

Pierre Adeli

Bob Turton

Colin Golden

Lee Margret Hanson

Will McFadden


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