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After participating in workshops with The Actors’ Gang:

Students feel more comfortable working in a group

The Education Department began in 2000 and is dedicated to introducing the joy and transformative power of theater to the diverse youth of Los Angeles and beyond. Our programs have a significant impact on students’ academic and social-emotional development. Our Teaching Artists create and develop programming to connect with participants of all ages in the classroom and during after school hours, affecting how students learn, interact with others, and how they view themselves.

Weekend Classes

The focus of these classes is to provide a safe space for young artists to exercise their imaginations and express themselves creatively. In addition to playing fun theater games and interacting in warm-up activities with our teaching artists, participants will engage in The Actors’ Gang signature Style of theater, explore Commedia dell’Arte characters, and develop confidence through various writing and drawing exercises. Participants perform an original playing alongside company members from The Actors’ Gang.

Summer Camp

Our Summer Camps allow young students to experience the art of theater-making and provide skills to develop their own creative voices.  Our camp sessions explore character development utilizing Commedia dell’Arte characters from the 16th Century and playing four states of emotion: happiness, sadness, anger, and fear. In addition to playing characters, participants build ensemble through improv and theater games, create costumes, do make-up, and make friends…all in a safe environment where they are encouraged to be themselves. At the end of the two weeks, participants share a special performance of an original theater piece, playing alongside company members from The Actors’ Gang.

Afterschool Programs

We offer Free Afterschool Programs on school campuses across Los Angeles County and at the Ivy Substation. These programs empower students to develop their own creative voices and artistic expression.

“Your teaching artists do an incredible job of teaching patience and respect, as well as the craft of creativity. My daughter lives for The Actors’ Gang and really enjoys the interaction. She is destined to do something in the arts category, without a doubt. And you all are helping to shape that.”

- Parent, Afterschool Program

After participating in workshops with The Actors’ Gang:

Students are able to listen & focus better when others are sharing

In School Immersion Programs

We provide In School Immersion Programs, where we tap into students’ creativity by actively engaging the three most important tools for an actor: their bodies, voices, and imaginations!!

The Ensemble in the Classroom focuses on building ensembles by introducing characters from the 16th Century Commedia dell’Arte exploring the humanity and truth of these characters.

The Integrated Arts in the Classroom integrates The Actors’ Gang signature style of acting to explore the themes and subjects in the curricula, allowing students to actively demonstrate their knowledge of the courses.

Community Partnerships

Our Education Department has been a fixture of the community in Los Angeles and beyond, with gratitude to our community partners who have helped make it possible. The Actors’ Gang is proud to be partnering with arts organizations in California and the greater Los Angeles area:

Culver City Unified School District Front & Center Theater CollaborativeInner City ArtsGet LitTurnaround ArtsArts for Healing and Justice NetworkLA’s BEST