Captain Greedy’s Carnival

A Musical Nightmare

Book and Lyrics by Jack Pinter

Music by Roger Eno

Directed by Will McFadden

“The Actors’ Gang grabs the brass ring and hits a bull’s eye with Captain Greedy’s Carnival.”

Hollywood Progressive

We’re opening our season with Captain Greedy’s Carnival, a mock tribute to greed, humbug, corruption and predatory capitalism. The musical satire follows the story of four innocents who, blinded by the promise of instant riches, take the bait of a legendary con man. Their fortunes rise and fall as they experience a bevy of freaks, illusions, terrifying exhibitions, strange amusements and games of skill and chance at Captain Greedy’s Carnival, an old time sideshow designed to entertain, deceive and fleece an eager and gullible public.

September 21st – November 11th


Fakir – Bob Turton
Dad – Pedro Shanahan / Chris Bisbano
Mom – Guebri Vanover / Lynde Houck
Junior – Ethan Corn
Girlfriend – Zoë Hall / Julia Finch
Captain Greedy – Will McFadden
Reverend Profit/Homo Economicus/Sir Panacea: Adam Bennett
Tumble – Dora Kiss
Rough – Paulette Zubata
Madame Mammon / Madame Roubini / Lord Chief Justice Insobriety – Mary Eileen O’Donnell
Mr. Earnie Bernie/Ensemble – Miro Venjovic
Fitch Moody / Hercules Paulson / Ensemble – Austin Brown
Revolutionary / Ensemble – Chas Harvey
The Crying Man / Ensemble – Cady Zuckerman
Ensemble – Christie Harms
Ensemble – Bronwyn Watson
Ensemble – Emily Reas

Girlfriend – Christie Harms

Fast Fingers Mcfleece – Aaron Guzzo
Catgut Molloy – Chris Bisbano
Brush Boy – Keith Roenke


Director – Will McFadden
Playwright – Jack Pinter
Lighting Designer – Bosco Flanagan
Projection Designer – Cihan Sahin
Costume Design – Christie Harms
Choreographer – Lindsay Kerr
Technical Director – Jason Ryan Lovett
Musical Director – Aaron Guzzo
Art Director – Django Pinter
Stage Manager – Tess Vidal
Poster Artwork – David Silverman


To make our work accesible to everyone in the community, every Thursday night is Pay-What-You-Can night. Just show up before 7:30 to get on the list.