Dance Wednesdays:

Kairos Dance Company

A Wednesday night live evening at the Actors’ Gang

Kairos Dance Company’s mission is to use dance as a platform to bring about social awareness. Having touched on the topics of addiction, homelessness, and erasing the stigma of mental illness, Kairos now explores the world of social media and its effect on our society.

Through intimate interviews and emotionally-stirring contemporary dance, Kairos shows how social media can be a wonderful source to connect with friends and loved ones from next door to across the world, how it can increase business opportunities, and provide unlimited education and knowledge. The company will also explore the negative aspects of social media such as the increase in bullying, depression, addiction, and loss of actual human connection.

The regular Wednesday Night Live of poetry, dance, documentaries, play readings and concerts will encompass four different special evenings: Actors’ Gang Axis Mundi (first Wednesday of the month), Get Lit Poets (second Wednesday of the month), Dance Wednesdays (third Wednesday of the month) and Pulitzer Prize Reading Series (fourth Wednesday of the month).

Wednesday, February 21, 2018 @ 8:00 pm

Run time – 60 min +