The Madwoman of Chaillot

Written by Jean Giraudoux

Directed by Tim Robbins

Our 2018/19 Season starts with love and magic at a sidewalk café where artists, ragmen and madwomen become aware of a diabolical plan to drill for oil in the middle of Paris. The Madwoman of Chaillot develops a scheme with her eccentric circle of friends to stop the men and their insatiable lust for oil. Written in 1943 by Jean Giraudoux while Nazis occupied Paris this poetic satire is a celebration of love, life, defiance, and rebellion.

“There is a beautiful spirit in the Madwoman that believes in a simple truth that exists in all of our hearts, a truth that should make us all rebel against those that allow greed to compromise our future. In the play, that greed is embodied by those that would drill for oil in Paris and in a time when we all are facing a global climate crisis while leaders roll back environmental regulations, the words of Jean Giraudoux from 1946 ring as true and strong as ever before. Madwoman of Chaillot has always been one of my favorite plays, and when rereading it last year I was struck by how relevant and necessary the play is for these times we are living in now. – Director Tim Robbins

Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays at 8pm

September 27th – November 10th 

Runtime – 2 hours, 30 minutes with a 10-minute intermission


To make our work accesible to everyone in the community, every Thursday night is Pay-What-You-Can night. Just show up before 7:30 to get on the list.