Innovative Choreographers 

A Wednesday night live evening at the Actors’ Gang

We are opening our space to a unique and wide range of talented choreographers in an evening curated and directed by Lindsley Allen!

From dance companies who have performed on So You Think You Can Dance, World of Dance, world tours with artists such as J Lo, and numerous films, tv shows and music videos as well as master teachers and dance educators around the country, to the up and coming choreographers carving out something new in the way of movement, this night will uniquely reflect the diverse landscape of Los Angeles!

The regular Wednesday Night Live of poetry, dance, documentaries, play readings and concerts will encompass four different special evenings: Actors’ Gang Axis Mundi (first Wednesday of the month), Get Lit Poets (second Wednesdayof the month), Dance Wednesdays (third Wednesday of the month) and Pulitzer Prize Reading Series (fourth Wednesday of the month).

Dance Wednesdays, the fourth and the new special evening, is an opportunity for us to open our space to innovative young dance companies in the Los Angeles area, as well as diversify the art performances we are presenting.

8:00pm  on Wednesday, October 18 2017

Our Lineup:

Terry Beeman (Mental Head Circus)
Jaci Royal (Royal Flux Dance)
Dana Foglia (Dana Foglia Dance)
Hazel Clarke (Kairos Dance Co)
Tellina Lee (Tap That Productions)
Aaron Czuprenski
Robert Schultz
Easton Payne
Gustavo Vargas
and more!