Dance Wednesdays:

Mental Head Circus

A Wednesday night live evening at the Actors’ Gang

Mental Head Circus, a vaudeville night of sinister antics, campy burlesque and aerial circus shenanigans, is a spectacular Victorian cabaret revue lead by ringleader, Terry Beeman, and his flock of naughty beauties. From start to finish this evening of laughs and artistic aerial circus arts will make you want to run away and join the circus.

Terry Beeman is a renowned choreographer, director, dancer, whose name associates with artistry and passion to dancers coast-to-coast and worldwide. Terry’s many talents open him up to knowledge that extends through not only dance, choreography, stunt and aerial work, acting, and theater, but also narrating, directing and producing, music and film editing, and costume design.

The regular Wednesday Night Live of poetry, dance, documentaries, play readings and concerts will encompass four different special evenings: Actors’ Gang Axis Mundi (first Wednesday of the month), Get Lit Poets (second Wednesday of the month), Dance Wednesdays (third Wednesday of the month) and Pulitzer Prize Reading Series (fourth Wednesday of the month).

Dance Wednesdays, the fourth and the new special evening, is an opportunity for us to open our space to innovative young dance companies in the Los Angeles area, as well as diversify the art performances we are presenting.

8:00pm on Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Run time – 60 min +