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Lyrics From Lockdown - The Actor's Gang

Lyrics From Lockdown

  • 2016

  • Written and Performed by Bryonn Bain

  • Directed by Gina Belafonte

This unbelievably true story begins when Brooklyns own hip hop theater innovator and spoken word champion, Bryonn Bain (60 Minutes, The Village Voice, BETs My Two Cents), is wrongly imprisoned in NYC jails while studying law at Harvard. Weaving together the voices of over 40 characters into a one-man tour de force, Lyrics From Lockdown, is a groundbreaking multimedia production with a live band and video DJ, fusing hip hop, theater, spoken word poetry, rhythm and blues, calypso and classical music, to tell a provocative story exposing racial profiling and wrongful incarceration in a nation imprisoning more people than any other in the world.

Our Cast:

  • Bryonn Bain
  • And Musicians
“Who could this be? Believe it or not it’s just ME and believe or not I’m just WE”