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Refugee Project Workshop Production - The Actor's Gang

Refugee Project Workshop Production

  • 2016

  • Developed and workshopped by The Actors’ Gang

  • Directed by Tim Robbins

In this production actors from The Actors’ Gang tell their own stories, the stories of their ancestors, where they came from, why they had to leave and where they arrived and settled. 12 people flee in fear from the land that they grew up in, all from different times, each speaking a different language.

Set somewhere between the 17th century and now, the play tells the story of forced migration and the constant struggle for survival and dignity in an uncertain and hostile environment. Through poems, songs and dialogue sung and spoken in 12 languages Refugee Project Workshop hopes to illuminate the courage, fortitude and humor of refugees, our relatives, our family.

For 4 weekends, we are opening our doors for our audiences to witness our workshop process through Refugee Project and to watch Tim Robbins and The Actors’ Gang Theater Company at work, and see how a raw piece of theater is shaped and polished as the cast explores a different performance every night.

Our Cast:

  • Mary Eileen O’Donnell
  • Jeanette Horn
  • Stephanie Lee
  • Pierre Adeli
  • Onur Alpsen
  • Mashka Wolfe
  • Kathryn Carner
  • Dora Kiss
  • Miroslav Vejnovic
  • Francesca Amin
  • Emmie Nagata
“[The Actor’s Gang] leans towards the cutting edge, both in stretching the boundaries of the theatrical form, and in content”
LA Progressive