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Violence: The Misadventures of Spike Spangle, Farmer - The Actors' Gang

Violence: The Misadventures of Spike Spangle, Farmer

  • 2018

  • Written by Tim Robbins and Adam Simon

  • Directed by Bob Turton

Originally written and performed in 1986, this no-holds barred satire of militarism and media manipulation tells the story of Spike Spangle, a down on his luck farmer who gets sucked into a whirlwind of celebrity and patriotism. He joins Superman on billionaire Max Enormous’ Celebrity Space Shuttle and a nefarious plot leads to the deification of Spike Spangle as an American hero.

Our Cast:

  • Chris Bisbano – Chief Bob/Ensemble
  • Margaret (Maggie) Cleary – Aquaman/Ensemble
  • Joshua R. Lamont – Reverend/Ensemble
  • Stephanie Lee – Chief Dick/Fern Starr/Ensemble
  • Jeremie Loncka – Reverend/Ensemble
  • Will Thomas McFadden – Max/Ensemble
  • Andrea Monte Warren – Flora/Ensemble
  • Sean Paul – Chief Ray/Ensemble
  • Zivko Petkovic – Chief George/Chucky/Ensemble
  • Stephanie Pinnock – Chief Al/Autumn Smith/Evangeline/Ensemble
  • Tom Szymanski – Spike/Ensemble
  • Tess Vidal – Chief Lockheed/Dr. Gein/Ensemble
  • Cady Zuckerman – Dobris Hand/Choir Leader/Ensemble
  • Bob Turton – Superman/Numb/Ensemble
  • Guebri VanOver – Understudy
Run time
+ 15 min intermission
“A boisterous, brutal comic odyssey”
Los Angeles Times